Rangehood installations.

Whether it be a new build or a kitchen renovation, we can assist you.

  • Types of Rangehoods
  • Canopy
  • Ceiling mounted (Island Rangehoods)
  • Under mount Rangehoods
  • Slideout Rangehoods
  • External Motor Rangehoods
  • BBQ / Alfresco Rangehood

We are a recommended installer for Leemac, Schweigen and Sirius.

flue kits

External flues for existing Rangehoods.

Many Rangehood are just flued into the ceiling space above. This is not recommended as oil and grease deposits build up and apart from attracting Rodents and Cockroaches, it may be a fire hazard.

Types of external flues:

  • Single storey through the roof
  • Single storey through the wall (if the Rangehood is on an external wall)
  • Single storey through the eave.
  • Two storey through the wall

roof vent

Roof Ventilators

We also install Roof Ventilators, these are not for your Rangehood.

Roof vents help keep the heat and moisture out of your roof space.

They are an inexpensive way to make your home more energy efficient and further improve your comfort of living.